After extensive development and testing, we’re now officially ready to launch our program. This means great meals for your clients (like the ones you’ve sampled), a marketing tool to help you attract new clients, and a new income stream for you to earn free meals, cash, or both. Remember, every time someone uses your exclusive “trainer code” with Sharky’s Fit, you’ll be earning something. This page will serve as your official “Onboarding Package” to plug you into the program, get you started, and provide you tools to market you, your training, and Sharky’s Fit.

  1. You are assigned a unique trainer code. This code should be given out to your clients, shared on social media, and given to prospective clients.
  2. Your clients benefit. To encourage them to try the program, clients or client prospects will get a 20% discount off with Sharky’s Fit when they enter your code at checkout. (code structure is pending to change with version 2 of Sharkys Fit)
  3. You benefit. Each time someone uses your code at checkout, you will earn 5% of the net sales transaction of meals purchased with your code, OR “Sharky’s Bucks” meal credits. Each month, you will be given a statement showing your earnings to-date. Then, at the end of each quarter you can take your earnings in one of three ways:
    1. A check written to you in the amount of your earnings based on purchases that have used your individual code
    2. Sharky’s Bucks for food credit in the amount of your earnings from your code
    3. A combination of earnings/credits

To make this successful for your client’s training goals and for you financially, you’ll want to encourage them to stay on the Sharky’s Fit meal plan program and use your code. Consistent purchase of meals on the meal plan will enable your clients to properly mix nutritional needs with what your training objectives are. The more consistently your clients stay within the program, the more benefit you too will receive.

Over these past few months, we’ve worked diligently to provide one of the easiest-to-use, nutritionally balanced, and freshest meal plan programs available for performance fitness available.

The fact that it’s from a local location (that anyone can visit daily), where people can see how the food is prepared (and pick it up), is reassuring.  Unlike boxed meal plans that come from “who knows where” and arrive as pre-selected menu items, Sharky’s Fit offers complete flexibility for you and your clients.

They can choose from multiple options to meet Macro nutrition goals. All that information is displayed simply on sharkysfit.com

Direct clients, friends, and others to sharkysfit.com. Our website has been built to be a “one stop shop” of easy-to-understand information, menu and food choices, promotion for you as a trainer (and other trainers throughout the Las Vegas Valley), and an ordering link to place their initial order or any subsequent orders. We have included a “role play” for how you can introduce this to your clients and friends later in this document.

Use the enclosed Social Media posts. (Your personalized version is enclosed in Attachment, along with an introductory post and captions) First to introduce people to the fact that you’re part of Sharky’s Fit, and then to promote your own training business and personal promotion.

Use the enclosed trainer “digital business card”. (Your personal version is attached) This convenient PDF tool can be shared from mobile device to mobile device, online, in social media, or anywhere else that allows you to get both your name, business, and Sharky’s Fit into the community.

Use your personalized trainer code (see attachment for your individual information). This code should be shared with your individual clients, perspective clients, and in all social media when you promote your training business. This will encourage people to purchase meals, and the meal plan, and when they do – you’ll earn accordingly.

When you (or clients) visit sharkysfit.com, have them click on the link for sharkys.com as well. There, you’ll find a link to “rewards”. Make sure that both YOU and your clients sign up for Sharky’s Rewards. This can also be downloaded as an App via the Google Play or Apple App Store.

If you go to sharkysfit.com you’ll see a section called “training”. Click on the link for “training” and then “Las Vegas”.  Once there, we have a special “find a trainer” section that lets prospective clients locate you.

You have been included as a trainer profile, along with contact information.

We have taken care to make sure that Sharky’s Fit trainers are spread out among the Las Vegas Valley, have different training specialties or backgrounds, and are a mix of men and women.  This is to ensure that there’s enough room for each of you to grow your training business.

Beginning with our launch, Sharky’s Fit will take to Social Media very aggressively, and we will promote both the entire program AND you.  The more we all work together, the more social media we AND you put into this, the greater everyone benefits.

These efforts will continue.  Nothing will happen overnight, but with continued efforts in time we think your personal profiles, business, and earnings from the program will grow.


Some people are uncomfortable “selling”. We understand. That’s why we’ve made it as easy as we can for you. We believe that once people become part of the program, try the food (it’s good, you’ve eaten it), and start seeing results (because of your training), the program will sell itself.

All you need to do is to introduce it to them.

Here’s a sample dialogue “role play” to try with clients:


“Hey. By the way I just wanted you to know that I’ve become a trainer with Sharky’s Fit. It’s a very cool meal plan.”


“What’s that?”


“You’re working with me to achieve your goals in training. I want to help you not only with our training here, but want to help make sure your eating can help make all the work you’re putting in be even more effective.

Sharky’s Fit is an awesome fresh meal plan program made right here in the Valley. It’s created by the people from Sharky’s Restaurants which has been in town for a few years here.

You can order online, and have it delivered or pick it up.”


“Why not just go to the grocery store and keep making stuff on my own?”


“Of course you can. But you know how Las Vegas is starting to spring back in a hurry. That means we’re all about to get even busier. Some times when we get busy we forget that we need to not only eat, but eat right. Otherwise all this training and work that you’re doing with me won’t show as well.   These guys have really made everything super simple. You can order a few meals, or for the entire week in a large, bulk order.

The meals have all the nutritional needs and balance that fit the training we’re doing together. I’ve eaten it. Honestly it’s great and fresh.

Here’s the website.  (show your client sharkysfit.com) Let me send you this card I have to your phone and you can look at it in greater detail on your own.”


“Ok. Cool.”


“My card has a code on it. If you use the code when you make your first order, you’ll get 20% off the price.   Honestly, just check it out. I think you’ll really like it. If you don’t, no problem. But this place is really really good, and just like the grocery store you’ll know where the food comes from. Only it makes life so much easier.”


“Ok thank you.”

Obviously, how you relate to your individual clients will be more personal than this script. But it should give you an indication of what you need to do to help both of you benefit from this program.

Use this approach, along with our “tools”, and you’ll find that in time that your clients will be very satisfied.


  1. It’s the freshest performance food program anywhere
  2. Food is made right here in the Las Vegas Valley
  3. Ingredients are super high quality. Non GMOs, Organics, and Certified. (More specifics on the website)
  4. It’s customizable to individual training requirements (e.g. lean out or bulk up, etc.) or dietary needs (Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Paleo, etc.)
  5. It’s convenient. It can be delivered or picked up.
  6. It’s nutritionally balanced with all Macros available on the website.
  7. It’s diverse to never suffer from “menu burnout” from eating the same thing over and over.
  8. It’s affordable.
  9. It makes all the work from training more effective.
  10. It helps produce real results.


  1. Sharky’s has been a part of the Las Vegas valley for a few years now
  2. The restaurant is located at Blue Diamond and Jones on the northwest corner in a small strip center
  3. The restaurant is part of a chain of quality restaurants started in Southern California in 1992
  4. Everything at Sharky’s is high-quality, great tasting, with an emphasis on healthy eating and clean ingredients


  1. Personalized digital trainer card with your code.
  2. Social Media posts to enhance personal promotion. (edit post to be authentically you)
  3. “How to order” video to help you and clients better understand online ordering.


  • Use your personal trainer code
  • Share your personal trainer code
  • Sign up (as well as clients) for Sharky’s Rewards
  • Promote Sharky’s Fit
    • Use Social Media. Social Media. Social Media!
  • Use your digital trainer card to get your personal code out to clients and others
  • Use the script to help you introduce the program
  • Reach out to us with any questions!

We look forward to finally getting this underway. Thank you for being a part of Sharky’s Fit.

Here’s to helping you have even happier clients, grow your business, and provide benefit to both yourself and each client you train.