Restaurant prepared foods in bulk or portion controlled Meals.

You can order by the meal, day, week.

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A History
of quality

Sharky’s has been serving high-quality meals in it’s restaurants for 28 years. Now we bring Grass-fed steak, Wild-Caught fish, All-natural chicken, Non-GMO and Organic Grains, and locally-sourced produce to performance foods.


Customize to meet your own nutritional needs. Don’t just fuel with a meal from someone you’ll never see, fuel with a great meal cooked just for you.

Bulk up with
the best food

Increase your protein intake
with a variety of options.

Lean out by
leaning on us

A mix of portion-controlled
options help you get lean.

Training / diet
specific plans

You train with purpose. You
eat according to beliefs.
Fuel yourself the same way.